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There’s a movement in LA. We’re choosing to ride together, rather than drive alone.

Therese McMillan, Metro Chief Planning Officer

“We’re building dozens of projects in the next decade.”

Therese McMillan

Metro Chief Planning Officer

Chris Liban, Metro Executive Officer of Sustainability

“We’re creating a healthy, sustainable LA.”

Cris B. Liban

Metro Executive Officer, Environmental Compliance and Sustainability

Priscilla, Highland Park

“I’m leaving the smog and stress behind.”

Priscilla, Highland Park

Sofia, Inglewood

“I’m leading the change I want to see.”

Sofia, Pacoima

Tafarai, Koreatown

“I’m walking to the store and biking to work.”

Tafarai, Koreatown

Build the Movement

Nadine Lee, Metro Deputy Chief Innovation Officer

“We have a plan to get LA moving.”

Nadine Lee

Metro Deputy Chief Innovation Officer

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